Luxury vehicles

Israel Transport– Transportation and Tourism Services in Israel rents luxury vehicles for business people, tourists and families visiting Israel.  As part of the luxurious hospitality package, this service includes a chauffeur and personal assistant throughout your stay in Israel. The vehicle and drivers can be retained for several days, one day or even just a few hours.

If you are a group of up to eight people visiting Israel, Israel Transport Transportation and Tourism Services in Israel will provide you with a luxurious transport solution in the form of an elegant vehicle of a van/Viano type with a chauffeur, taking you to all the places in Israel you wish to see.

The van / or any type of luxury car you rented ,  can wait for you in the airport when you land or you can choose to use it for part of your stay.

Many tourists, families and business people have already realized that their visit to Israel can be a different experience when Israel Transport is taking care of all your transportation needs, taking you from place to place at any time, freeing you to pursue your more important goals.

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