Luxury Car to Ben Gurion Airport

Mercedes or other Luxury car types with 4 – 7 seats, for families, small groups, business people and tourists to and from Ben Gurion Airport.

Your travel experience includes:

  • A new and spacious Luggage capacity of 2-7 pieces, according to the luxury car type
  • Comfortable seats
  • Luggage capacity of 2-7 pieces, according to the luxury car type.
Best Price! guaranteed

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Who we are?

Israel Transport is a transportation company with a rich, diverse and updated fleet of vehicles that allows us to tailor the best transportation solution for you, from anywhere to anywhere.  

Transfers to Ben Gurion Airport

Shuttle services to Ben Gurion Airport and / or from Ben Gurion Airport are a must for anyone planning to leave or enter Israel.   The service should be provided by a reliable Israeli transportation company, with a 24/7 service center, which follows your departure or landing time. Only then you will arrive relaxed and calm to your flight or your landing in Israel. No matter what time your flight takes off or lands, there will always be someone waiting for you to drive you to your destination.   All types of vehicles to or from Ben Gurion Airport are available to drive you from any destination in Israel - buses, minibuses, vans, luxury cars and taxis.   They all have large trunks for any size of luggage you are carrying on your flight.      
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